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ospedali convenzioni residence milanoCHS Milan residence and  placed in a strategic location for its proximity to the city’s hospitals . The Galeazzi , the Niguarda and many other centers of excellence in health care” can be easily reached by car that tramiti public transport. The immediate vicinity of the junction Cormano (A4 ) makes the residence Milan easily accessible with your car . I am always open garages and parking spaces for our customers .

RESIDENCE MILAN CHS and convenient for at least four major specialist hospitals :

The Niguarda Ca Granda Hospital , and among the most active centers in Transplantation Italic.È home to all the specialty clinics for diseases in adults and children with over 200 clinics and 70 clinics , which make the Niguarda a regional reference , nationally and internationally.

Niguarda is also home : 26 highly specialized centers of national reference , the Tissue Bank , the Central Office 118 and the Province of Milan , the Mobile Health Unit for the Management of Major Emergencies, the Poison Control Center , the Center for Equestrian Rehabilitation  “Vittorio Di Capua ” , Major burns Center , Trauma Center, of ‘ Unipolar Spinal Unit of the Centre for Rare Diseases (over 120 diseases treated ) , the Master of Science in Nursing.

The Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute in Milan, since 2001 is the first hospital admissions for orthopedic Lombardy Region . Disciplines: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery , Neurosurgery , Neurology , Endocrinology, ENT and Dental Medicine, Rheumatology, Vascular Surgery , Plastic Surgery , Dermatology, Physical Medicine , Endocrinology .

Luigi Sacco Hospital , and university , also known as hospital Vialba , is one of the most important hospitals in Milan. It has a catchment area of about 345,000 people. Admissions annually in the ordinary regime are approximately 17,000 , those in day hospital about 7,500 , while outpatient services are around 2 million. The hospital receives about 52,000 patients each year and about 8,500 operations are carried out . The presence of a few centers of excellence is able to attract a significant number of patients from outside the region , accounting for 10 percent of inpatient admissions . The Hospital “Luigi Sacco” today is a reference center for the epidemiological emergencies (SARS and bioterrorism ) and for major infectious diseases ( such as, for example , HIV / AIDS) , as well as other various oncologic diseases , cardiology etc. . , and represents one of the most well-known Milanese hospitals nationwide.

The C.T.O. Orthopaedic and Trauma Center  located between Avenue F. Texts and Viale Sarca , in the Bicocca area , represents a landmark for the area Orthopaedic Trauma ( and  also home to the University Hospital ) , for plastic reconstructive surgery of the hand and Rehabilitation . The medical rehabilitation, historically specialized in functional rehabilitation of patients medullolesi , and  has recently been enhanced with the establishment of the areas Cardiology , Respiratory , and Neurological referenced by the Institute for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders.

The residence is also a great base for your business trip to Milan, one example among all the proximity, with convenient transportation, the MILAN FAIR and its events and its annual exhibitions of European reference. Check out the events Milan Fair in 2014.

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