Milan residence Niguarda

Ospedale niguarda residence milanoHospital niguarda residence Milan The name of the neighborhood Niguarda perhaps due to its Hospital has become familiar to many Italians .

Niguarda The hospital is a place of excellence and health and ‘ a real reference to regional, national and international level.

The structure of the Ospedale Maggiore of Niguarda , consists of more than four thousand workers , of which more than two thousand eight hundred doctors and nurses, medical technicians and rehabilitation and midwives.

It is the place of specialty outpatient clinics offering over two hundred and seventy clinical facilities for the treatment of diseases both adult and child.

Among its peculiarities being one of the most efficient Transplant Centers in Italy . There are many , however, its strengths, the Poison Control Center at the Center Big Burns .

The attractiveness ‘ of the health facility extends not only to patients with specific diseases but also covers the training channel , an example , the Master of Science in Nursing of the Tissue Bank .

CHS residence Milan, and next to the hospital Niguarda. The residence offers specific conventions for carers in care at the hospital Niguarda area, contact us to learn about the specific benefits of the institution dedicated to carers of patients.

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