Milan residence Bicocca

Milan Bicocca university residence, the current great Bicocca district includes new and modern buildings designed for different uses. The redevelopment of large areas has allowed the emergence of the campus built in the district of Milan Bicocca once home to major industries such as Pirelli and Breda.

Today, the University of Milano-Bicocca is a multidisciplinary university that trains professionals in different fields: economiclegal, scientific, technological, medical, sociological, statistical, psychological and pedagogical.

They are part of the district, Bicocca other known structures at the national level, the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, research centers and institutions such as the National Research Council Neurological Institute Carlo Besta Company and Aem are an example.

The Bicocca also home to several companies, such as Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Reuters, Fastweb, Johnson & Johnson, HachetteRusconi and the headquarters of Pirelli.

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